When you don’t have insurance for physiotherapy, or if you have a restitution policy, you pay the treatment tariffs listed below.

* A screening is a short interview (about 10 minutes) in which we verify whether or not your complaint is to be treated with physiotherapy. We do a screening interview when you come to us without  referral by a physician.

If physiotherapy is required, a further intake and examination will take place.

**If you want to cancel an appointment, you have to do so at least 24 hours beforehand.

For treatments in or by our practice, the following tariffs apply:

Treatment €38,00
Treatment at home €50,00
Treatment in institution €50,00
one time examination (incl. report) €57,00
one time examination at home (incl. report) €65,00
one time examination in institution (incl. report) €65,00
screening* €14,00
intake and examination after screening €38,00
intake and examination after referral €52,00
intake and examination after referral at home €64,00
intake and examination after referral in insitution €64,00
edema therapy €45,00
missed appointment (cancelled too late/no show)** €25,00